Waking Up To A New Morning Routine



I was so excited when I was selected to be a part of #CollectiveBias new shop because it translated my own journey to taking the extra steps to improve my health. While working on my New Year Goals, fitness and eating healthy were the top priority on my list, but I wanted to set goals within reach. 

I realized that starting a new morning routine was going to be essential to help me reach those goals. I had to switch my bagel and cream cheese or toast for something healthier to give me that boost to start my day with energy to do more and be more!

After being introduced to Belvita Bites and V8 Veggie Blends, always having fresh fruits also became a priority, especially after my son was diagnosed with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. Being healthy became a necessity, more than a wish or a meaningless goal.

After years of dealing with my family hereditary tendency to obesity and high blood pressure, the undesired news propelled me to move even more strongly towards my goals and extend them to my whole family!

We went to Target to purchase the items which would boost my goals and help us with some extra morning energy! Luckily, they were offering a demo of the products I had in mind, which was a special treat!



We found the BelVita Bites which satisfy that crunchy and carb craving I usually have early in the morning, making a great substitute to my previous choices!


The V8 Veggie Blends introduces delicious blends of vegetables with a touch of fruit from V8®. These healthy beverages contain 75% juice, 1 full serving of vegetables per 8oz serving, and are an excellent source of antioxidant vitamins A, C, & E. But my favorite is that each 8oz. serving is 60 calories or less, with no sugar added and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, exactly what I was looking for and my son needs.

They come in four deliciously blended flavors, but my son and I bought Carrot Mango, Purple Power which contains the juices of Purple Carrots, Beets and Apple and Golden Goodness which contains the juices of Yellow Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Orange Carrots, and Orange.


Just in case you are as excited as I am! I wanted to share some special offers available at Target:

BelVita http://cartwheel.target.com/offer/25459 – Offer available now until 1/31.
V8 https://cartwheel-secure.target.com/offer/26642 – Offer starts on 2/23
https://cartwheel-secure.target.com/offer/26641 – Offer starts on 1/25

We also decided, in sync with keeping our goals within reach to purchase and wear a device which can be tracked by an app. I bought my son a children’s device which has a mascot pushing him to move and exercise! His device can be clipped to his shoe and mine is a bracelet.

It monitors our exercise, steps, water calorie intake. I’m truly loving it and moving more just so I can see my progress on my phone!

I signed my son up for basketball and he made a commitment to either use our treadmill or bike for 20 minutes a day as additional efforts to reach our health goals!

I joined a Yoga studio and will start classes next week, which I’m truly excited about! Every morning will represent a new morning win, one step at a time! I will keep you posted on my progress and how much fun we’re having, on our social media channels! Check them out!

What are your health goals? What are you doing to be more active and healthier? I can’t wait to hear your story!

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