Best Fall Accessories Making Memories


Fall is the time of cinnamon in the air, hayrides mums, scarecrows, Halloween and Thanksgiving! I love decorating my home, especially my kitchen with Fall accents and the bright orange, red and brown tones.

Mums Trendy Latina

I love bringing down my wreathes, picking out mums to compliment my house colors!

Fall is also when the aroma of fresh coffee just brings a new meaning to a great day ahead! Keurig 2.0 is the best fall accessory for my kitchen! The option to brew with the K-Carafe, not just the single cup, which allows me to easily put a pot of coffee on and entertain or chat during Sunday mornings, family gatherings and not have to go through the ritual of spending 20 min. to make coffee! 

Fall is that perfect banana bread right out of the oven paired with the perfect Halloween Cup of freshly brewed coffee on my Keurig! 

bread Trendy Latina

Jack Cup Trendy Latina

Fall is a time for being grateful, for thanksgiving, for having family gathered around the table for a meal, while enjoying the stories told generation, after generation! Fall is when I miss my Brazilian family the most, but what gives me strength and comfort is that familiar smell and taste of my coffee, the conversation piece always present at our family gatherings; that piece which reminds me of my country, of my roots; that great things start with that first cup of coffee. 

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