Beauty Tips On How To Conceal Allergy Signs

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I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour for Latina Mom Bloggers on behalf of ZYRTEC® ALLERGY FACE™ and received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


If you are following my blog, you know I have been suffering from allergies my whole life. This time of the year is particularly challenging, since the pollen and and all the allergens seem to surface to the point of affecting my eyes, my nose and leaving their marks not only in the way I feel, but also the way I look. The makers of ZYRTEC® know that allergies can affect not only the way you feel, but also how you look.

That’s why ZYRTEC® is my first choice because they are not only giving me the tools to eliminate the allergy symptoms and make me feel great, but look better as well; allowing me to be the Trendy Latina all year round, even during allergy season! 

Carmen Ordoñez, who is a Latina spokesperson for the ZYRTEC® ALLERGY FACE™ program, was at the Macy’s Flower Show to help show Latinas how they can look better despite their ALLERGY FACE™. Ordoñez also provided lifestyle tips and the latest spring trends to help avoid or combat ALLERGY FACE™ – the beauty challenges that can accompany typical allergy symptoms, like a red nose, puffy face and watery eyes. 

To help women look fresh-faced and flawless during the height of allergy season, ZYRTEC® has also partnered with celebrity makeup artist Jackie Gomez to help women tackle ALLERGY FACE™. Gomez has developed a variety of celebrity-inspired looks that will help all women look and feel like they’re ready for their close-ups.

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I had the privilege of meeting Carmen at the Flower Show and had a private chat with her about my symptoms and issues and she gave me great tips to cover the main problems, while browsing through the looks with me!

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To check some of the looks out and learn more about her tips, please go to: 

After her tips and discussing what would look better on me, I was pampered by a make up artist who brought my new look to life!

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It is amazing the difference when you know how to use make up to your advantage to conceal the imperfections and traces of having an ALLERGY FACE™.

I wanted to make sure my final look included the makeup artist in the picture as well, since he executed Carmen’s suggestions and was able to show a perfect blend of the looks that make up artist Jackie Gomez created and customized for my skin.

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After learning about it, I wanted to share my personal tips: 

  • Accentuate the eye make up to cover dark circles or puffiness underneath it
  • Cat eye is a big Spring Beauty Trend, so why not use it to your advantage?
  • Apply a bronzer around your nose area to give the illusion of a narrow nose on the days when your nose is swollen and red.
  • Also blush on your cheeks will create attention to the sides of your face, not the problem areas

I was so impressed with the looks I had to meet Jackie at Hispanicize when she demonstrated some of the looks, gave us beauty tips and spent some time with me, sharing more valuable make up tips to enhance my look naturally.

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We’ve also listened to more beauty tips with the two experts together during the Zyrtek Event at Hispanicize!

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We also learned about new ZYRTEC® Dissolve Tabs which can be taken anytime or anywhere because they dissolve in your mouth without water and provide 24-hour relief. They’re perfect for someone like me, who is always on the go! 

 For more tips and videos to inspire you to look your best, please follow Zyrtek’s Facebook Page, their Youtube Channel  and their website with so many different options to help you find your own look, your own road to looking your best in spite of your allergies. 


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