A Healthier Life For My Pets

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Mac Beneful 1f

I know by now you have seen how much I love my dogs, how they stay by my side all the time and bring huge joy to my life! My little one, Mac is a little bit different than Gigi, my older one, he doesn’t let me dress him up but he allows bows occasionally. He’s one of those dogs full of personality!

This summer, I have made a decision to live a healthier lifestyle. So diet and exercise are no longer options – and since my son was diagnosed with high blood pressure, diet and exercise  are tools to help us live healthier and longer! So why not extend it to our pets?

I went to my local Target, which you know is your go-to retailer to have your dog look and feel stylish as well as a place where you can get all the items to fulfill your pet’s needs, and bought a new leash and harness in my favorite summer color, a light blue! I will use this stylish combo to take my dog for longer walks instead of the usual around the block walk!

Leash Target



Harness Target

I’ve also decided to gift him with things he really loves, instead of trying to play dress up, like I normally do! I  bought what he loves the most: summer toys! These will be incorporated into our healthier lifestyle, just in a more fun way!

Well, we normally sit on the deck in the afternoon to relax, listen to latin music and let the dogs walk or lay besides us. This time I will be using my favorite tunes to play with them, especially my little Mac. A Starfish Tug-of-war, and Lobster Catch Toys will surely keep his playful nature active and healthy!

Tugawar Toy Target




Fetch Toy Target

I’ve also been researching more about the benefits of introducing a healthier diet and bought Beneful Incredibites Chicken, which offers nutritious blends of real ingredients, tender and crunchy mini bites for small dogs with real chicken, accented with carrots, sweet potatoes & spinach; great nutrition with the taste he will love and a part of my on going effort to give my furry babies the best lifestyle and longest life span possible!

Beneful aisle



Love it? I thought so! That’s why I am sharing discount codes, so you can also try it:

http://cbi.as/ge4n  (Cartwheel offer for 5% off is valid through 7/26 – 8/1)
http://cbi.as/ge4k  (Cartwheel offer for 10% off is valid through 8/2 – 9/5)

Changing our family lifestyle would not be complete without also changing our dogs lifestyle! My son is now more motivated to pick up the toys and play with them more often, which brings a smile to my face and to my puppy’s!



Thought you would like to know that Target is offering in-store demos at various Target locations in the LA area on 8/22/15, 11 am to 4 pm. There will be free samples given out of Incredibites Chicken and flyers with a $2 coupon. You can also check your local Target flyer on 8/2/15 for Beneful (Target locations in LA area only).

If you are in the LA area don’t miss the following events:

Fiestas Patrias Santa Ana September 12, 2015 http://cbi.as/hkpm
Fiesta Hermosa – September 5-7, 2015 http://cbi.as/hkqe
Doggie Street Festival September 19, 2015 http://cbi.as/hkpp
Jerome Park Carnival August 14-16, 2015 http://cbi.as/hkpe

There will be an Instagram vending machine at the above events. Learn more about Beneful Incredibites on their Mobile Site on your smartphone or on their Desktop Site when using your home computer. You can also verify product availability at Target.com.

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