Beauty and Comfort Make A Perfect Home


I entered the beautiful dream home as if I was in one of those TV Shows and I was invited to step into the modern comfort amenities of a luxurious, yet comfortable and functional home.

My first step, the coolest pantry ever! Check this Nutella container out! Dream Pantry, isn’t it?


Pantry Trendy Home


Next Step, the kitchen! Where granite counter-tops, amazing lighting and modern bells and whistles of the Comcast Home System, took us on a back to the future journey of monitoring your teens after they come back from school, setting your thermostat, locking your doors and digitally programming appliances all from your cell phone or mobile device!

Trendy Kitchen


Gorgeous day, so we went outside to enjoy the grill, pool and a nice presentation outside! We found out about all of the new Comcast apps and how you can watch TV remotely everywhere and any time, how you can watch different shows on different devices and how I can bring my tablet to Brazil and still have access to the network! Amazing! Want more information on the apps, check them out here!

Comcast Appf



We also checked out options for recording, choosing and selecting channels, while we checked out the gym room, TV room, so much to see, so little time! This Trendy Gym Room with the capability of watching 5 different shows in one space, totally had me!


Trendy Gym room

At home, looking at my tablet and thinking I need to upgrade and get on board with some of the amazing technology uses and comfort of Comcast apps and services! I have asked Santa for this gift, how about you? Are you ready for the future? Are you ready for Xfinity?

Xfinity Tablet

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