Trendy Teen Makeover



October is the children’s month in Brazil and many South American countries. Children have a special day, Oct 12th in Brazil and they receive candy and gifts, and the media covers it as if it was a big holiday!

I decided to use the month as an outreach opportunity and partner with great brands to offer Hannah, a young pre-teen, a special moment, so our Trendy Teen Makeover was born!

We started our day by shopping at our local JCPENNEY, I wanted to play with the fact that we could both wear something and be age appropriate and trendy, so we browsed through some sweaters, leggings, jeggins and she picked a burgundy stylish sweater.



She also chose this matching sweater in gray for me! I totally loved it! We wanted to show that pieces could be used and offer age appropriate looks!


We talked and I helped her choose her first pair of drop earrings ever!! Yeah! We also chose her first infinity scarf! Such a wonderful experience!


We went into our make up part of the makeover, where we used Covergirl ready set gorgeous foundation, powder foundation as well to help give her a more finished look, perfect point plus black, bombshell intensity liner used for the cat eye, clump crusher by lashblast, both also in black and lip gloss fruitlylicious. We gave her a cat eye, a season must, for the first time! So exciting! For more information on those products and more seasonal must haves, visit: Covergirl. 

I also held her hair in a side pony-tail and I twisted her ends to give her a more polished look!


Here is a look at the leggings, sweater, scarf and earrings we chose together!


Awesome before and after pictures, which I’m really proud of, since our look was able to bring out her natural beauty without making her look older.


But the most gratifying moment was seeing her looking in the mirror in the powder room, feeling beautiful, happy with the final result and taking selfies! A True Trendy Victory! Linda!! 

Trendy Latina Makeover

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