The Day I Met Guy Fieri


Guy Fieri's Chophouse View Hero

Warning: If you read this post, you might feel the urge to drive to AC and try the dishes! 

You are probably wondering how awesome is that? Not really, I haven’t met him (YET), but after indulging in an amazing meal, populated by mouth watering, flavor bursting tastes, it was like meeting him. Because I truly believe after you eat somebody’s food, you can better understand their style and personality! You dive into their most intimate world,  tasting the spices, the oils, the bold or mild choices like peeling facets of one’s personality. 

My journey start on a tour of the restaurant and I was pleasantly surprised when a very knowledgeable waitress named Domino, offered insight on details such as produce coming from Jersey Farms and Wine also from Jersey Wineries; 16 draft Beers also offering local options and it supports Caesars and Guy’s initiative to promote and support local businesses and farms to promote local growth! Her knowledge of all the details even before we took a look at the dishes, was the first wow moment for me!

I met the Chef who shared some of the details on signature dishes such as Vegas Spiced Fries, Parmesan crusted butterfish and fried chicken served with local honey.


I chose a light appetizer, oysters to bring a light flavor to my upcoming main dish. Oysters were cooked to perfection!


A perfect Margarita, the Cadillac Margarita. 

Cadillac Margarita

I also tried the Mojito – Crazy Hagar, which had cucumber syrup as a surprising ingredient, bringing a light touch to this Hispanic Favorite! 


My main dish, Java rubbed rib chop showed a surprising combination with coffee and spices to bring this mouthwatering dish to life! I paired it with Mexican Street corn, a Hispanic flavorful mix of corn, cheese, pickled onions and spices. 

ribs at guy fieri's

Corn at Guy Fieri's

My husband was fascinated by the Baked Potato station, a must try! You have a choice of cheeses and other options to add to the potato and in this case, cheddar and butter were melted to perfection in front of us, such a feast for our eyes and the result, another mouth watering dish! 

Potato at Guy Fieri's

Dessert time! I tasted my son’s dessert, mint ice cream, chocolate taco pie – so yummy!

guy fieri's dessert

Needless to say Guy Fieri’s Chophouse at Ballys will be one of my favorite restaurants on our future trips to Atlantic City! Can’t wait to hear your opinion, when you try it! 


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