Yoplait Greek 100 Taste-Off

Tasteoff 1


We love Greek Yogurt for snacks, my son takes it almost every day to school! I am also a big fan, so we always have it on hand! Parfaits, as fruit dip or plain, there’s always an excuse to eat more yogurt! So we were very excited to be offered a yogurt taste off. On our Easter Brunch, we placed both yogurts on the table, removed them out of the containers and had everybody try, without knowing which one was which and record which one tasted better!

Some snap shots of our taste off: 








The results are in, drum roll, are you ready? Out of the 5 people who tried:

  • #1 – Yoplait
  • #2 – Yoplait
  • #3 – Yoplait
  • #4 – Yoplait
  • #5 – Undecided


We didn’t know if we would be able to differentiate the taste, but the difference was amazing! We have been buying multiple brands, but from now on just Yoplait will be on our table!

We wanted to encourage you to take the challenge! Visit Yoplait for more information.

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